Teatro Povero di Monticchiello

A community theater, an example of theater attended by the whole community that is more unique than rare! Reach the characteristic square of the village of Monticchiello and take part in this fantastic show under the stars. In fact, in Monticchiello there has never been a real theater with boxes and stalls. You will witness a real community performance that is different and unrepeatable every year.

The Poor Theater of Monticchiello is an extraordinary social project born in the 60s from the need to rebuild the social fabric of the village after the sharecropping crisis and the problem of depopulation. Unique of its kind precisely because its staging is “participated” by all the inhabitants of the village, who very often, in the square, recite themselves.
With the end of sharecropping, the population was drastically reduced, the countryside depopulated and the community had the distinct feeling that the entire cultural identity it had could vanish into thin air. The reaction of the community was therefore to tighten to defend their identity and thus the project for the poor theater of Monticchiello was born.

Teatro Povero di Monticchiello

The first shows featured episodes of heroic resistance, the invasion of armies against which to unite to react but, once again, everything is functional to the basic theme of a strong and long-lived identity that risks disappearing.
Globalization, standardization and the advent of the network continually challenge a community that continues to defend itself strenuously. The message that the community wants to launch is that discussion and reflection become important. The inhabitants of Monticchiello often give life to exciting and heartfelt interpretations even though they are not professionals: outside any school theatrical ‘setting’ they allow expressive methods linked to distant traditions of orality to emerge.

If you want to live an intense and certainly unconventional theatrical experience, we are waiting for you in Monticchiello!




Teatro Povero di Monticchiello
Teatro Povero di Monticchiello Piazza Nuova, 1, 53026 Monticchiello SI
tel. +39 +39 0578 755118

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