When visiting the Val d’Orcia you cannot miss Monticchiello, a small medieval village off the beaten track that has still managed to preserve its authentic beauty. Immersed in the Sienese countryside, in this village you will find a more medieval and austere architectural style compared to the Renaissance scenario of the city of Pienza.

In fact, characteristic features of Monticchiello are the sturdy walls and the keep tower that stands out on the hill. Surely the best way to visit the small village is to aimlessly explore the narrow streets of the town, discovering picturesque and enchanting views at every turn, perfect for photography enthusiasts and romantics. Speaking of photography, here you will find one of the most photographed locations in the Val d’Orcia, now an iconic symbol of Tuscany: the famous curves of Monticchiello! Among the rolling hills, winding roads wind their way surrounded by cypresses, offering unforgettable views.

In Monticchiello you will enjoy the superb panoramic view over the entire Val d’Orcia: stop in one of the superb restaurants in the village and then set off again to visit the keep and the city walls, where you can still see some intact towers. Finally, the only door in the town with a beautiful arch will lead you to the Church of Saints Leonardo and Cristoforo.
Undoubtedly the most notable monument in Monticchiello, the Church has a T-shaped plan and is dedicated to San Leonardo di Limoges. The Church is also enriched by a great pictorial masterpiece placed in the right chapel of the transept: the Madonna and Child by Pietro Lorenzetti.


Monticchiello is also famous for the “Poor Theater”. In the 1960s, a unique project of its kind was born, which made Monticchiello more known to curious and demanding travelers: precisely because there is no theater here, it was decided to create one in the square, a form of show that involves all the inhabitants. , between actors and spectators. The theatrical experience is a component closely linked to the life and history of the community: a sort of life-theater written by the characters themselves, that is, by the people of Monticchiello.

Finally we leave you with a small challenge: when you visit Monticchiello try to look for the “Traitor’s Head oppressed by the cannonball”, on the facade of a house in the streets of the town. As a clue we tell you that you will have to look up, it is in fact about 5 meters high. This low relief dates back to the fourteenth century and in fact depicts a traitor castellan who for two thousand florins opened the gates of the town to Florentine enemies.


Parcheggio, Giardino, Prodotti tipici, terrazza panoramica


Monticchiello, SI, Italia

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