Set of the film “The Gladiator” – Terrapille farm road

Do you remember the film The Gladiator with the famous scene in which Massimo Decimo Meridio walks in the middle of the Elysian Fields?
Well, the location used for the filming is located in Val d’Orcia: exactly 3 km south of Pienza along the Terrapille road. Follow the signs that lead to the Terrapille farmhouse and walk along the well-known avenue of cypresses surrounded by the wonderful panorama of the wheat fields where one of the most evocative scenes of the film was shot.

The House of Massimo Decimo Meridio is located at the gates of San Quirico d’Orcia. It is easy to recognize the avenue with cypresses leading to the house, from which the soldiers who kill the gladiator’s wife and son arrive. Even the scenes of the Elysian Fields that appear in a dream to Massimo Decimo Meridio are panoramic and evocative glimpses of the Val d’Orcia. We are certainly talking about one of the best known streets of the Val d’Orcia, this is a place full of charm.

Set of the film “The Gladiator” – Terrapille farm road

This steep dirt road between the trees offers a wonderful raised view of the beautiful Terrapille farm, a truly breathtaking and iconic location, now a fixed destination for all tourists in Val d’Orcia. Relive the emotions of the film, close your eyes, inhale deeply and then reopen them and enjoy the miracle that Nature has created here.



Parcheggio, terrazza panoramica


Set of the film “The Gladiator” – Terrapille farm road
Strada di Terrapille, 53026 Pienza SI, Italia

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