Isabella wood

Bosco Isabella is a fascinating garden defined as “romantic and esoteric”. Built from the end of the 19th century to the Second World War by the Luchini family, a family passionate about English gardens. The realization wanted to be in harmony with nature without violating it in any way: paths were created, dry stone walls, flat bridges but all with stones collected on the spot.

The real singularity of the place is a stone pyramid with a triangular base in the center of the garden. The Luchini family adhered to a Masonic Lodge and thus recreated a sort of initiatory-esoteric path in the garden, an open-air Masonic temple. Thus some things that seem natural are studied, such as the arrangement of some trees in groups of three, a symbolic number, or the jar buried before the square that recalls the basin of the temple of Solomon used for ablutions, or the two large boulders arranged at the beginning of the path leading to the pyramid, representing the two columns of the Solomonic temple. Continuing, you will discover the circle-shaped Boxwood hedge that represents the eye that oversees and obviously the triangular-based pyramid, the main symbol of Freemasonry.

Isabella wood

The remains of an ancient construction with polygonal walls were also found, perhaps an Etruscan place of worship, and also the remains of a Sienese fort that monitored the underlying Via Francigena.
Venture into the woods for a few hours of relaxation or to discover all the mysterious secrets it contains: you will spend a unique afternoon in nature!




Isabella wood
53040 Radicofani SI

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