Nannetti e Bernardini

If you are in Pienza and want to taste the real Pienza cured meats and cheeses, you must make an obligatory stop at Nannetti & Bernardini: where experience and passion create pork, cinta senese and wild boar cured meats of the highest quality. Made with carefully selected high quality raw materials, our products are handcrafted respecting the most ancient Tuscan traditions, obviously without artificial preservatives and gluten-free.

Nannetti e Bernardini

You will find two stores here in Pienza: one in Corso Rossellino, in the heart of Pienza, and one in the artisan area of ​​Pienza in via Primo Maggio. You will find all the artisanal products of the Tuscan butchery tradition: the lean salami without slaked, the traditional Tuscan salami, capocollo, loin and finally the renowned mountain ham. Recently, the Cinta Senese, a rare and valuable breed of pig, raised in the wild even in the countryside and in the woods around Pienza, has been rediscovered and finally enhanced. A meat raised outdoors and therefore with an intense and delicious flavor, a real gem of these areas!

The product for which Pienza is famous is pecorino and in fact the real flagship of the Nannetti & Bernardini company is Cacio di Pienza, a pecorino cheese made exclusively from the milk of sheep reared in the sunny countryside of Pienza. Produced and preserved according to ancient recipes, it is available in various degrees of seasoning, to satisfy all palates. Discover the true flavors of the Val d’Orcia that you can taste accompanied by the fine wines of the area, such as the famous Brunello di Montalcino, the Chianti Riserva and the Nobile di Montepulciano wine.




Nannetti e Bernardini
Corso il Rossellino, 81 Pienza (Si) 53026 / Via 1° Maggio, 2 Pienza (Si) 53026
tel. +39 +39 0578 748506 (Corso il Rossellino) / +39 0578 748627 (via 1° Maggio)

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