Cugusi dairy

The history of the Cugusi dairy has its roots in the early sixties of the twentieth century.

Cugusi Raffaele and Maria move from Sardinia to Tuscany bringing with them the artisan techniques of dairy processing. Here the milk becomes cheese, in particular pecorino and the Cugusi family has carried on the tradition by founding their own dairy.

The dairy is located on the hills of Pienza, where there are the pastures where we raise our flocks. Even today we feed our animals with the herbs of the Val d’Orcia, which give their milk that sweet and delicate flavor that you later find in our cheeses. Our pecorino cheeses follow the classic seasoning of tradition: under walnut leaves, under the bran, under hay and ashes.

Cugusi dairy

Here you can participate in our tastings, discover the steps in cheese processing and taste our products or enjoy a nice picnic outdoors under our pergola, watching our animals graze and enjoying a nice craft beer or a glass of wine. Montepulciano.

For the tasting the minimum number expected is 8 people.


Giardino, Prodotti tipici


Cugusi dairy
Via della Boccia, 8 Montepulciano 53045
tel. +39 0578757558

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