Bike rental Ciclofficine del Teatro Povero

Lovers of ecotourism and bicycles, electric or otherwise, here you will find the right place for you!

The Ciclofficine del teatro Povero are located at the entrance to the spa village of Bagno Vignoni in the Val d’Orcia Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here you can rent your electric and muscle bikes, and you will find an information and refreshment point, equipped with an e-bike charger to enjoy a nice ride in the hills of Val d’Orcia! Rent your bikes and immerse yourself in the beautiful unspoiled landscapes of the Val d’Orcia. You can choose between our tours with local guides, or leave alone to explore these beautiful valleys, away from the most crowded destinations.

We have studied exclusive itineraries with unmissable destinations for us, and we are prepared for personalized requests. Booking a companion means first of all getting in touch with those who have always lived in Tuscany and know how to convey an authentic atmosphere.

Bike rental Ciclofficine del Teatro Povero

The Ciclofficine are one of the experiences that the Teatro Povero di Monticchiello, a social and cultural project born in the 1960s. proposes as a community cooperative project: a new model of social innovation where citizens are both producers and users of goods and services.


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Bike rental Ciclofficine del Teatro Povero
Strada di Bagno Vignoni, 1/A Bagno Vignoni, 53027, Siena
tel. +39 +39 333 2946755

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